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Hello! Here comes a Gurren Lagann Fanart Anthology! Yeaaaah! Time to bust out your drills because we’re gonna make something so badass people are gonna be itchin’ to dig through its pages!

The anthology at this point, is looking to be 28 pages long unless we get a lot of people interested.

I have a few artists who have shown interest, but I need a few more before I can inquire the contributors to what kind of content they want to put forward! I will be expecting artists with well-rounded styles and those who are confident with their work. You don’t have to be amazing! Just well-rounded. Hell there’s a section in the book dedicated to those who are only confident drawing stand-alone characters!

So this is the general layout so far of the set-up of the book.

The red lines under boxes signals a page spread. 
The purple section is where artists can reserve a page to themselves to do whatever they want—from making print-like illustrations, comics, or a character sheet! If there’s enough room and contributors are interested you may be able to reserve a spread to yourself. However if using all that space to yourself isn’t ideal….

We have the green areathe Character Theme section. Artists who prefer just to draw characters with no heed of composition can draw their favorite character based on the theme of the page or spread. Though to encourage diversity of characters I’d have to request that a character be drawn only once or twice per theme. If you don’t want to worry about themes, don’t worry. We’ll have a couple page of free-draw where you can draw whatever you want!

Here’s the book’s cover and back cover! I may edit the colors later but I have a lot of time to work on it! I’m on the search for good fonts to use outside and inside the book at the moment!

  • These books will be sold but only enough to break even with printing and shipping. I will probably be losing money on this investment but I don’t care. Again, depending on page count I’m seeing them being around $10 each. Also—before the book gets sent to print we will have preorders to determine how many copies are wanted. I may print a few extra in case others are interested in purchasing and missed the preorders but not much. I will also grant a huge discount to those who’ve participated in contributing. This information can change in the future depending on how everything plays out. 
  • Contributor’s are not being paid for their artwork. This is a fan-project where your passion for the series will determine whether you feel motivated to be a part of the project. 
  • Everyone will be credited in the book! There will be a page where I can put down your tumblr or other art site where you want people to find you!
  • If you are interested in following along the process, I post everything relating to this project under “gurren lagann fanart anthology”. Past entries to this tag that will not show up when searched can be found on my blog under the same tag.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I have been the only one working on the framework of all this and all feedback is welcome. Message me at my tumblr, http://kittansdick.tumblr.com/

Dec 24,2013
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Gurren Lagann will once again be featured in the final installment of the Super Robot Wars Z series along with other Gainax favorites such as Gunbuster and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It’s a bit long of a trailer so if you just want to see the Gurren Lagann clips they are at 3:00 and 8:55.

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Official height chart.

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Kamina because of reasons

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Simon from Gurren Lagann
ahhh wow i love gurren lagann!! and simon is so cute UuU thaks for the request c: